Etnia Latina Community Arts Project will be hosting the Fourth Etnia Latina Culture Dance and Tradition Project. This will be a celebration of Latin American cultural diversity expressed by music, dance, educational workshops, entertainment and gastronomy

July, September and October are the months when Latin American communities traditionally gather together for their countries independence day celebration in Perth WA. This is why the Etnia Latina project occurs at this time of the year since 2015, attracting a great number of different cultures from communities such as, Brasil, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Argentine, Colombia, Salvador, Mexico, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Costa Rica, and Cuba.

The purpose of the project is working together as a community and facilitate the engagement of Latin American and other communities to raise local awareness concerning Latin American values, traditions, heritage and stories. As well stimulate a sense of belonging and engagement through arts and culture, giving them opportunities to take part in the project being visible to other communities and thereby enabling a positive intercultural understanding.